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A better way to drink

Less calories, no sugar or carbs

All the fun


A better way to drink

Less calories, no sugar & carbs

All the flavor

Find your balance

No regrets the next morning.

Silver Ocean Seltzer is easy on the eye and easy to drink.

So you can enjoy today without losing track of tomorrow.


Hard Seltzer

Silver Ocean Setlzer is part of the Hard Seltzer category of drinks: alcoholic sparkling water with a hint of fruit.

Brewed with passion

Our Hard Seltzer is brewed from white cane sugar, champagne yeast and fresh water. The brewed base is flavored with natural fruit aroma’s and a minimal bit of sweetener.

Natural taste

A smooth, balanced flavor sensation.

Not the fizzy premixed stuff you're used to.

100% subtle refreshment.

The line-up

We proudly present you our line-up.​ Can't choose?
No problem, we've got you covered.
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A rich, fruity taste that tickles your taste buds


A sparkling delight with a bitter undertone.


A slightly sweet, tropical sensation

Brought to you by 3 guys

with a dream

We’re three lifelong friends that believe you deserve

something better.  A ‘better for you’ drink that still tastes great. In our enthusiasm we forgot that we have to compete with some of the biggest corporations in the world. But we never back down from a challenge. 

Our aim is to inspire people, build a great brand and do something for our planet along the way. 

Meet the team

(And their youth dreams)

Marketing & design


Janiek Burghard

Strategy & production


Lesley Daris

Sales & finance


Steven Kooistra

Savor life the silver way


Do you prefer great taste or the healthier option?
We think one shouldn’t exclude the other.
Instead of finding a compromise, it’s about finding the right balance.
And that’s how to savor life the silver way.
Enjoying today without losing track of your goals tomorrow.
Find out what makes us different.

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