The Silver Ocean Club

Become a member of the Silver Ocean Club to earn credits, get free Silver Ocean Seltzer, exclusive offers and updates

How to become a member?

It's simple really. Everybody that has purchased Silver Ocean Seltzer can become a club member. Head to our shop or sign up for an account if you've already bought Silver Ocean Seltzer.


Earn Silver Ocean Credits that can be redeemed for free Silver Ocean Seltzer.


Become an ambassador.

Receive your unique referral link and start earning Silver Ocean Credits.

Deals & Exclusives

Get discounts on products of our partners and early/exclusive access to new flavors and specials

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Earn credits:

  • Become a club member: 1 credit

  • Follow us on Instagram: 1 credit

  • Write a review on our website: 1 credit

  • Every person that places their first order with your referral link: 3 credits

Use credits:

  • 6-pack Silver Ocean Seltzer: 6 credits

  • 12-pack Silver Ocean Seltzer: 10 credits

  • 24-pack Silver Ocean Seltzer: 18 credits

  • Hermit & Seltzer cocktail package: 35 credits



Become an ambassador and earn free Silver Ocean Seltzer!

Club members can earn Silver Ocean Credits. The credits can be redeemed for free Silver Ocean Seltzer!

If you're a fan of Silver Ocean Seltzer and like to spread the word, you should! For every person that places their first order with your referral link you receive 3 credits. Moreover, that person also gets a 10% discount on their first order.



Deals & Exclusives

Being a member has its benefits

Early access to new products and even member only products. Yes, it feels good  to be an insider. But that's not all. As a Silver Ocean Member you also get discounts on products from our partners. 


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